Raster Image Printer产品转换为JPEG,TIFF,PDF


Raster Image Printer产品转换为JPEG,TIFF,PDF

  Convert to JPEG, TIFF, PDF and more from any Windows document or product.

  With Raster Image Printer, if you can print it, you can distribute or archive it electronically as a high-quality TIFF image file, Adobe® PDF file, JPEG and many more. Raster Image Printer supports more than 24 file formats. Raster Image Printer is ideal for document imaging, computer-aided document design (CADD), and graphic design. This virtual printer specializes in producing the exact image you require (be it JPEG, PDF, TIFF, GIF, PNG, or any other) through its customizable image-specific properties. Using Raster Image Printer is as simple as printing to your desktop printer.

  Raster Image Printer Features

  Output Options:

  Create TIFF/JPEG/PDF/BMP/GIF/PNG/PCX/DCX/CALS files from any application.

  Create Adobe PDF files from any application.

  Create Non-Searchable Adobe PDF files from any application.

  Create Non-Searchable Adobe PDF/A files.

  Monochrome / Greyscale / Black & White TIFF.

  Color TIFF.

  Faxable TIFF – Fax profiles F, S, C.

  High Resolution Support from 50dpi to 1200dpi.

  Create single page (serialized) or multi-paged TIFF files.

  Create single page (serialized) or multi-paged PDF files.

  Control TIFF file size with Color Reduction and Compression settings.

  Control JPEG file size

  Text Extraction.

  File Creation:

  Turn off Prompting for save location and filename.

  Secure PDF files.

  Automatically View Created Files.

  Merge/Combine multiple files into Single TIFF file.

  Simple Filename Syntax Creator.

  File Splitting by file size or number of pages.

  Add Title/Author/Software Producer Document Information.

  Supports Large Paper Sizes and Custom Paper Sizes.

  Create continuous single page well logs.

  Page Editing:

  Date/Time, Image, Page Numbering and Text Stamping.

  Header and Footer Annotations.

  Page Manipulation (Rotate Pages, Crop Pages, Trim Margins).

  Page Brightness Adjustment.

  Use page resizing to copy all pages to the same paper size.

  Add Borders to Page.

  Process Created Files:

  Run multiple applications or commands before, during and after printing.

  Package Created Files into ZIP File.


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