BFO Publisher Easily convert HTML to PDF


  BFO Publisher Easily convert HTML to PDF

  BFO Publisher is a CSS layout engine. It takes HTML or XML as input, applies a CSS stylesheet to lay out the elements on one or more pages then writes the result to a PDF, just as a web browser would write the results to your screen.

  BFO Publisher Features Include:

  Input formats:

  HTML5, SVG2, MathML4 or generic XML.

  Anything you can convert to HTML, such as EPub, plain-text or AsciiDoc.

  Embed SVG, bitmaps, video, audio, barcodes, 3D models and PDF.

  All the worlds languages are supported except traditional Mongolian.

  Output formats:

  PDF and PDF 2.0. PDF/A-1, A2, A3 and A4, PDF/X and support for PDF/UA with full control over tags and attributes.

  SVG, including options for multi-page files.

  Any bitmap format, created from the PDF.

  Input rigorously tested against web platform tests, also used to test browsers. Accurate support for CSS2.1 – passing 98.6% of tests, about the same as your browser means tables look the same in PDF as they do on screen.

  Comprehensive CSS3 support: selectors-4, cascade-5, color-5, fonts-4, backgrounds-3, images-4, shapes-2, page-3, gcpm-1, flex-1 and many more.

  Build on the BFO PDF Library, it generates PDF/A and PDF/UA files that are verified as correct.

  Digital signatures, including PKCS#11 keystores, Amazon Cloud HSM and the GlobalSign digital-signing service.

  HTML5 forms are supported.

  Streaming model means ten-thousand page documents are no problem.

  XSLT and XInclude support.

  HTTP or WebSocket-based web-service option to do all of this on a remote host.

  100% home-grown Java. No native code, minimal third-party libraries. Multi-thread ready with smart caching for batch conversions.


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