New features of Oxygen PDF Chemistry


  New features of Oxygen PDF Chemistry

  Added support for “break after”, “break before”, and “break inside” CSS attributes – The PDF transformation now supports break before, break inside, and break after CSS attributes. They are used to control the behavior of page or column breaks before, inside, or after the generated box.

  Support the custom value of the List Style Type CSS attribute – The Chemistry engine now supports the list style type CSS attribute custom string value defined in the list item CSS.

  Exception Elements Now Considered in Hyphenation Dictionaries.

  Force or avoid line breaks at hyphens – now you can use a new “Use oxygen for line breaks at hyphen positions” attribute to control whether to force or avoid line breaks on hyphens (you can also use auto as its value to automatically hyphenate characters according to the algorithm of the hyphen dictionary). This property replaces the deprecated – oxy void line break property (although it can still be used).

  Omit the header/footer from the table when a page break occurs – the new – oxy pdf table omits the header at the page break, and the – oxy ppdf table omits the footer at the page break property can be set to true, so that the header or footer can be omitted from the table when a page break occurs.

  Show image in foreground (watermark) – The new – xy foreground image attribute can be used to display an image (raster/PNG or vector/SVG) above the text of the document (in the foreground). An example of a common use case is to use it to display a watermark message (that is, draft, copyright, or no copy).

  Make documents PDF/A – For CSS based PDF conversion, you can now use the new – PDF – A conversion parameter to make PDF documents archived. Possible values are: PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-b, PDF/A-2a, PDF/A-2b, PDF_ A-2u、PDF/A-3a、PDV/A-3b、PDF/A-3u。


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