EaseFilter File System Control Filter SDK


EaseFilter File System Control Filter SDK

  You can build a control system, in your applications, for monitoring and filtering file activities, data reading/writing or process execution

  EaseFilter File System Control Filter SDK consists of a set of libraries and samples that can be used with C++, C# or C# console to create control systems for file activities.

  The tool can help you build a driver that reads and filters requests targeted at a file system, plus modifies them before they reach the destination.

  The file system control filter tool you can build with this set of libraries allows you to monitor the file activities. It can read the file system call and change the content of the request before it reaches the target.

  In other words, you can control the request before it reaches the file system and automatically allow/deny/cancel its execution. You may create certain filters and rules that can detect the required criteria for each of these actions.

  The rules and filters can be modified at demand, which gives you control over the information sent to the file system regarding any file.

  For example, you can decide whether the file should be opened, created, replaced if data should be read or written.

  You may also create rules for controlling queries, file attribute setting, size, time, security, renaming, deleting, browsing or closing file requests.

  The capabilities it allows you to add to your applications make EaseFilter File System Control Filter SDK a suitable tool for multiple purposes.

  You can build CDP (Continuous Data Protection) applications/functions, as well as develop powerful security software.

  Certain rules must be followed when configuring the control filters, to avoid system deadlock, all of which are described in the tool’s documentation.

  For instance, you should avoid asynchronous procedure calls or using any file operations in buffered mode.

  The package includes several samples, built for each of the supported languages, which can help you get started with the program development.


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