What is HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint Online?


  What is HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint Online?

  HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint Online is an efficient analytics solution for corporate intranet portals based on SharePoint Online.

  It provides all the essential analytics information such as user behavior, documents’ flow, sites’ performance, and popular trends throughout the entire corporate network.

  Administrators can obtain valuable feedback about sites’ usage by studying visitors’ searches, sites with no visits, sites flooded with unused files, and unusual activities on sites. This information aids defining the strategy for improving the portal architecture.

  How does it work?

  HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint Online is powered by Microsoft Power BI, a product suite allowing users to collect, analyze, visualize, and share analytical data easily and efficiently. This ensures excellent flexibility in working with reports, with a minimal learning curve thanks to the clean and intuitive Power BI interface.

  Is it easy to install?

  Getting started with HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint Online takes only a few minutes – you will be guided through a simple Connection Wizard to fill in a short registration form, define just a few parameters, and check the necessary prerequisites. Product installation has no performance impact on the sites of the portal and remains fully unnoticed in terms of user experience.

  Is my data safe?

  All the collected data, as well as the data prepared for reports, is stored in a safe place – the Azure cloud. At any moment, you have full access to your data, you can monitor the data that is collected, or expand the reporting capabilities of the product even further, by exporting data to 3rd party components that build your KPIs.


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