InstallAnywhere 2022


InstallAnywhere 2022


  Enhanced Get User Input Panel – Advanced – Added a ‘Disable Next button if mandatory fields are empty’ checkbox option in the Get User Input panel to enable/disable the ‘Next’ button for notifying unfilled mandatory fields.

  When checked, the ‘Next’ button in the ‘Get User Input’ panel would be disabled until user enters a value in the mandatory text field.

  When unchecked, then a pop-up dialog appears prompting the user to provide values in the mandatory fields.

  New Project Property for Status Message Control – Enhanced InstallAnywhere to configure whether actions should display status messages on install and uninstall progress panels.

  Register URL Prefix with Application – Enhanced ‘Associate File Extension – Windows’ action to add support for registering a URL prefix with an application. The action has been renamed to ‘Associate File Extension/URL Prefix – Windows’. Added new ‘URL Prefix’ property in this action available in install and post-install phases. The URL prefix can now be associated to an existing or installed application.

  New Option for Log Format – Added a new ‘Show 24 hour date format in logs’ option in Log Settings to display the log in 12-hour or 24-hour format.

  New Property for Defining the Permission for Log file – Added a new ‘Unix Permission for Logs’ property to define the permissions of the log file when installed on Linux.

  Upgrade of InstallAnywhere 2022 with 64-bit JDK – Upgraded InstallAnywhere 2022 with 64-bit JDK 1.8 for the automation jar to work with any node-lock license checkout.

  Support for Azul Platform Core (formerly Zulu) JREs – InstallAnywhere now supports Azul Platform Core JRE v11 and v17.

  Action for Multiple Files Deletion – Added a ‘Delete Multiple Files’ checkbox in the ‘Delete File Action’ to delete multiple files of the same file extension in the given path.


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