Chant Developer Workbench倾听和互动的软件


  Chant Developer Workbench倾听和互动的软件

  Interactive Development Environment Chant Developer Workbench provides a comprehensive development and testing environment for working with speech and natural user interface technology that features:

  Multi-document, interactive, customizable environment

  Powerful editor with color-coded formatting, intelliprompt, optional outlining, optional line numbers, undo-redo, word wrap, and find/replace

  Resource browsers for testing

  Event tracing

  The tabbed-document interface provides for fast switching among multiple documents and browsers. The editing environment is designed to accelerate speech technology grammar and markup development with built-in syntax checking and prompting. The multi-docked windows layout is configurable to yield productivity for various development and testing scenarios. Toolbars can be easily customized to display the facilities most often used. Window layout and toolbar settings are persisted across executions.

  Feature Summary

  Chant Developer Workbench is comprised of essential tools and class libraries for developing software that speaks, listens, and interacts with users. It provides an IDE for developing and interactively testing speech and natural user interface technologies. You can manage conversations, grammars, movement, profiles, lexicons, speech, and text-to-speech markup directly within application software you develop and deploy.

  Audio Search

  Chant Audio Search enables applications to find the time offsets for specific words, phrases, and subphrases in audio recordings.

  The search terms can be a simple string or Regular Expression pattern.

  An audio recording is transcribed first from which one or more searches may be performed. Matches are returned for the entire recording as offsets in seconds.

  There are two types of audio searches supported transcription and word spotting:

  With transcription searches, an audio recording is transcribed first. Then one or more searches may be performed with simple string or Regular Expression pattern search terms. Matches are returned as offsets in seconds.

  With word spotting searches, the audio is word spotted with a list of keywords (i.e., single words or phrases) first. Then one or more searches may be performed to match a keyword originally used in the word spotting. Matches are returned as offsets in seconds.

  Audio Search classes libraries are available for C++, C++Builder, Delphi, Java, C#, and VB .NET Windows applications. Integration is simple and fast because a single line of code performs the search and returns offsets in the audio recording if found.

  Design Grammars with GrammarKit – A GrammarKit application can:

  Compile and validate grammar syntax

  Persist compiled grammar binary

  Within the Chant Developer Workbench IDE, you can:

  Create and edit grammars in native grammar syntax

  Generate word pronunciation phonemes (requires LexiconKit)

  Edit word pronunciation phonemes (requires LexiconKit)

  Compile and debug grammars

  Test grammars with live audio (requires SpeechKit)

  Track Movement with KinesicsKit -A KinesicsKit application can:

  Capture and map color, depth, and body data

  Record and playback audio files

  Integrate movement tracking with speech technology

  Within the Chant Developer Workbench IDE, you can:

  Render and analyze color, depth, and body data

  Validate sensor image streams

  Tailor Pronunciations with LexiconKit – A LexiconKit application can:

  Create and delete lexicon word pronunciations on demand

  Edit lexicon word pronunciations for ensuring maximum recognition accuracy and speech synthesis quality


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