What is Markdown Monster?


  What is Markdown Monster?

  Markdown Dragon is described to be the markdown viewer as well as editor which permits the user and developer in order to edit the markdown along with its syntax highlighting as well as the quick entry of the text. It is considered to be a collapsible live preview which will permit the user in order to view that the output as soon as the user scrolls or types. It is considered to be easily manageable and the user has the ability to easily upload pictures, hyperlinks, emoji’s as well as the code with the use of the markdown text or even with the utilization of the gentle helper of UI which has the ability to simplify different surgeries with the use of a couple of keystrokes. The glue picture in the clipboard or even dragging and dropping from the explorer or even building the browser. The inline spell checking process as well as the term count are capable of maintaining the user articles compact unobtrusively.


  There is other convenient feature that permit the user in order to browse and select the documents from the user folder which is built in. The use of the file listing in order to jump from sections on the user markdown or even the shell from the explorer, the terminal, or even the favorite client of git and so on. It is considered to be all about the convenience and everything is at the fingerprint of the user and developer but it is out of the way until and unless the user desires it.

  Markdown Monster the ability to publish the user markdown right directly from the web blog of the user easily and flexibly. If the below goes the user has the ability to support the WordPress, meta web blog, or even the medium then the user has the ability to publish the document with a single mouse click. The user has the ability to edit as well as republish or even download the existing post and perform the process of conversion of the existing post from the format of HTML to the markdown.


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