By using fast report Net, users can build and create essentially independent applications and reports. Net. In other words, this means fast report Net can be used as an independent reporting tool for all users. It can include a powerful visual report for the process of creating and modifying reports. User applications can run the designer from the code itself. It is only asp Net users include the required online report designer. It can connect to any database and any database to create queries. It has a dialog form of reporting to the user to prompt before running the parameter report. Last but not least, it can view results, print them, and even export them to many other common document formats. It has certain advantages. It is written in c# format. It also contains managed code, but it is very compatible with the framework. Net. The quick report can be customized into a user suite according to needs, which has a reasonable price and licensing policy. It has basic support for RDL format during export and import. Including this can be used in Microsoft’s visual studio 2019.

data processing

It works with ado Net, and allows filtering and sorting of the data columns being studied, and use them with their information rows. With just a few clicks of the mouse, everything can be completed.

You can connect directly to ado Net, MS SQL, and even XML based databases. There are other connectors that return as plug-ins.

It can obtain the information obtained from the company and the objects of IEnumerable class.

In this case, the report can include data sources such as text, tables, database relationships, and even queries, which makes it difficult for users to directly use the application, and users can directly use charts and questions from documents.

Using the visual builder of query, users can query multiple data tables without looking up detailed information about SQL language.

Fast Report . Net includes an integrated script engine, which can support Net languages, such as c# and vb NET。

The report may contain dialog types to prompt for parameters until and unless the report is running.

Report elements

It is a frequency band oriented report generator, with 13 frequency bands for all users to access. Some examples are footer, column header, group footer, overlay, subreport, report summary, and so on.

It has a variety of recording items that all users can access, such as text, matrix, table, image, shape, trademark and line.

In this case, the report can contain a multi page layout, which allows the user’s report to contain wages, information, and all of these in one document.

In this case, table items allow users to use multiple columns or even rows to build table reports, just like MS Excel.



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