DlhSoft Ganttis macOS和iOS应用程序


DlhSoft Ganttis macOS和iOS应用程序

  DlhSoft Ganttis 可帮助您轻松呈现任何时间线。它允许您自定义所有内容,包括数据源、依赖项、计划定义、行为、外观,甚至绘图。您可以使用静态内置实例,例如标准时间表(周一至周五 8 小时/天),也可以通过定义周和天期间以及编写任意代码以返回排除的时间间隔来自定义它们。

  DlhSoft Ganttis 功能

  为 Mac 创建强大的管理工具- Ganttis 框架组件是您呈现任何基于时间的内容的自然选择。

  Mobile first, followed by mobile – the construction of ganttistouch component is similar to similar MacOS products as far as possible, but it also supports touch based activities, such as zoom, pinch gesture, click and long press. You can display the same type of charts on the small screen as on the Mac. If your user data is stored in a central location such as icloud, you can write code to easily synchronize between the two types of devices.

  设置项目并虚拟化它们以获得令人难以置信的性能- 甘特图控制器可以配置为使用基于经典数组的内置项目源,或者您可以定义自己的项目管理器并仅返回基于当前的可见项目行范围和时间线页面。

  添加依赖线,为项目增加清晰度- 您可以在图表中的项目之间添加所有类型的依赖关系,如果您虚拟化项目,您还可以虚拟化项目依赖关系。最终用户还可以使用拖放操作直观地创建依赖项。

  Timesheets and titles – you can use static built-in instances, such as standard timesheets (Monday through Friday 8 hours / day), or customize their rest types by defining week and day periods and writing arbitrary code to return excluded intervals (whether holidays or any other time) You can then set the schedule object for the visible time and highlight the working or non working time in the chart. You can then fully configure the title of the chart (or even dynamically change its entire collection based on the actual zoom level), with one or more rows showing appropriate spacing and separators. From milliseconds to millennia, you can freely select any interval type (optional period and phase) you want for each header line,

  设置、设置、设置 -使用 Ganttis 组件,您将找到控制图表中几乎所有内容的设置:从 hourWidth 和 rowHeight 属性到精细的只读切换和特定的行为选项。

  Style, theme and dark mode – provides a built-in theme for ganttis components, and supports light mode and dark mode on MacOS and IOS platforms. If necessary, all style values can also be manually reconfigured through the code. Developers can even create complete custom themes when needed, and these themes can optionally support two modes (starting with a built-in or generic style).

  导出图表- 任何在 macOS 上运行的甘特图组件都可以导出为 PNG 图像。


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