Viber + Portable + Repack


Viber + Portable + Repack

  There is a quite famous program in front of you, mainly developed for mobile phones, but now we are talking about the Windows version, so let’s come right away. It will allow you to send messages to other users, and you can also make phone calls. Of course, all of these are free, provided that the customer’s people can download Viber below.

  To start the program, you must first install the client on your phone, and then you will receive a message with an activation code, and then type and run the application. On the left, we have your contact list. Select the one you want, and we can immediately send a message or make a phone call. There are video calls. History is in progress, syncing with your phone, and you can send smiley faces and stickers, usually like a phone.

  You can use Viber messaging services to chat with friends, make video calls to family, or send documents to business partners. The application sends all data through your internet connection, so calls do not charge roaming fees, and you can seamlessly dial contacts on the other end of the world.

  In group chats, you can discuss or plan joint activities with up to 250 people. To increase security, all data is protected through end-to-end encryption, and contacts can be manually authenticated. Viber is free and can be used with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Viber is also available for your Android smartphone – link below.

  Viber is a modern communication tool that allows you to make free phone calls or chat. By using colorful stickers, you can express your current mood in conversations, or use video messages to engage your friends in exciting moments in your life. Your data is secure through encryption and authentication.



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