Personal Backup Crack


Personal Backup Crack

  The software can back up any data and save it to the correct location as a folder. The folder itself can be stored in the location you want, such as hard disk, removable disk or any network server. The application works well under the operating system Windows 7 or higher. The download of personal backup is provided in the complete news. We didn’t consider it when we went there -)

  The application allows any user to configure and create an unlimited number of copies of files, which is usually exactly what you need. When selecting files to be backed up, you need to navigate in the folder and add them to the program. All subfolders in the main folder will be added automatically. You can exclude or enable any subdirectories, all of which have been fine-tuned in the personal backup filter. In them, you can specify the criteria for selecting files, such as the required type, size, file age, etc. Generally speaking, I think you can understand it yourself.

  All file copies you create can be automatically compressed to gzip format, or the structure looks like a file in a folder or mail format. Of course, you can encrypt your data and use AES encryption for this purpose, which means you don’t have to worry about their opening, not 100%, but still have a high guarantee. Personal Backup can backup files in manual and automatic modes, and has a good scheduler. When starting the backup, the program checks whether the file has changed. If it has changed, it will overwrite the file. If it has not changed, it will simply forgive, because it has full meaning. Automatic replication You can configure it according to the time of the day, or set a condition under which turning off the computer will create replicas, multiple modes, all of which are necessary.


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