Pepakura Designer 5.0.12 + Portable


Pepakura Designer 5.0.12 + Portable

  If you like Japanese, which means being a country, here is a program from their birth. With it, any user without special skills can easily use 3D data to create paper models. As usual, you can download Pepakura Designer in the full news. Please note that according to the developers, this is the only program in this field, that is, there is no other similar program to create a paper model, which uses 3D data. If you don’t believe it, try it. I am as naive as ever and believe in developers.

  This program can be used with quite different 3D model formats, such as 3DS, DXF, MQO, LWO, etc. The list can be viewed on the official page of the program, which I think is not difficult. Please note that at this point, the program cannot create the 3D model itself, nor does it have a data model editor, but the developer suggested that we convert the 3D model to 2D format, and then you can print them on the printer, and then create a real miracle from the paper.

  The software can automatically generate and deploy patterns of 3D model data. You can also use different methods to process patterns, edit them, and so on. You can even put text and various images on your snapshot. If you like, you can quickly export 2D images to various other formats.

  The interface of Pepakura Designer is very good. You can understand it quickly and learn to work easily. There is no Russian support. But once the Russianizer appears, I will notify it immediately. If it appears, I’m just not sure if it really exists. Generally speaking, you know what I mean. Good luck! As for the subject of registration, I want to write a few lines. There is a famous LZ0 team’s drug – it’s just that he was scolded by anti-virus software, so I just inserted the serial number in the file. They work very well, don’t worry, it must be round now.


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