HEU KMS Activator 30 License Activation Tool


HEU KMS Activator 30 License Activation Tool

  HEU KMS Activator is a simple and effective KMS activation tool based on the KMS server simulator of MDL forum. It is applicable to Windows, Office and VL versions. It can be activated with one click without Internet connection, and automatically activate the software offline. KMS is an enterprise licensing service for Microsoft Windows and Office. You can use KMS to activate products on your local network. The tool uses a built-in KMS server, so Windows and Office can be activated easily.

  The possibility of successful activation through HEU KMS Activator is very high, and the activation speed is satisfactory. The software supports VL version products authorized by almost all enterprises;

  For products that are not directly supported by the software, you can also manually activate the product by configuring the built-in KMS server.

  Support the backup of activation information of Windows system and Office Office software. Re-installing the system or software can easily restore activation.

  The five icon functions in the upper right corner: customize the background color, change the background image, switch to the classic interface/language switch/activation mode switch, collapse and exit.

  The buttons of common functions are displayed as orange icons. Just point the mouse pointer to the button and the brief introduction will be displayed automatically.

  The additional function button displays a gray icon. It is recommended that you read the user manual carefully before using it.

  Note: Since v21.0.0, there are two default activation schemes, that is, if Scheme 1 is invalid, you can try Scheme 2 to improve the speed of successful activation.

  Based on previous versions, after feedback from network users, known problems have been fixed, namely:

  1. Fixed OEM ID identification error when activating OEM.

  2. Fixed server 2012 R2/2016/2019 OEM activation error, upgrade mode 7.

  3. Fixed the error in creating the $OEM $folder.

  4. Fixed the problem that digital signatures could not be activated during system deployment.

  5. “Smart activation” function optimization.

  6. Support ARM64.

  7. Added mute/KD1/KD2 to set KMS activation mode.

  Reason for activation failure

  According to the feedback of network users, the main reason for KMS activation failure is to use different software versions to activate KMS or install the automatic renewal function. Because KMS information remains in the system (registration, service, file balance, etc.), it cannot be activated. How to deal with this situation: use the original software to completely clear the KMS and try to activate it again.

  HEU KMS Activator will automatically clear the files and remaining information released after the system is used (except for the automatic installation and update function), and the software itself can also be deleted after use.

  In addition, the software itself has many functions. If you do not know the specific function, you can refer to the description (previously provided help). In fact, the easiest way is to click the smart activation button [orange icon] on the home page. Automatically help you determine the activation method. Of course, when Office is activated, the retail version will also be automatically converted to the VL version. If Windows/Office is always active, they will not be converted or destroyed for permanent activation.


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