HitPaw Video Editor + Portable + macOS


HitPaw Video Editor + Portable + macOS

  HitPaw Video Editor is a program focused on convenience, which allows all editors to easily modify their videos, regardless of their skill level, and provides easy-to-use tools and clean user interface.

  Program features:

  The software allows users to easily simulate the motion of the camera. Do you want the frames or pictures in the video to have dynamic effects? Do you want to stabilize your photo, because the camera is shaking, so you don’t need to make it again? Pan&Zoom will help you do this.

  Through prompts, the program helps users change the position of video in the player more effectively and accurately. Sometimes it takes you a long time to put the picture in the right place. The guide prompt will display the time when the image moves in the middle, top, and bottom.

  As an absolutely necessary element, stickers make the video more interactive and enjoyable. Filters are the best tool to convey emotions and feelings to the audience. This time, developers added more than 300 popular stickers to provide users with more functions and combinations, making the video unique, meaningful and attractive.

  Like almost all similar programs, to activate it, you need to download the HitPaw video editor key. Of course, you can purchase the license on the author’s website, but it is better to download the following file for free through the link, because it has been sewn, you don’t have to do anything, just install and run it to enjoy.


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