Zettlr Tag Editor


  Zettlr Tag Editor

  Zettlr is an open source tag editor for researchers and researchers. In short, you have a powerful application to take notes and organize your scientific papers, articles and projects. You will get a clear user interface that allows you to focus on writing articles. It supports all the functions you expect from this type of modern editor, including tables, code blocks and task lists.

  Zettlr also provides integration with popular reference managers (such as Zotero and Mendeley), which simplifies the process of adding references and references to documents. It also integrates a file explorer that allows you to easily manage files and directories, and supports real-time preview of Markdown documents.


  Markdown editor: supports all standard markup syntax to simplify document writing, formatting and preview

  File Explorer: The built-in file explorer allows you to manage files and directories and maintain your work order

  Online preview: The software provides a document preview in Markdown format, allowing you to view the appearance of the document before saving it

  Citation management: integration with popular citation managers (such as Zotero and Mendeley) simplifies the process of adding references and citations to documents

  Support multiple platforms: the program can be used for Windows, MacOS and Linux, which makes it very interesting for many users

  Customization options: Zettlr allows you to customize the appearance of the editor, including font, font size and background color

  Working through the keyboard: provide a full set of keyboard shortcuts to enable you to navigate faster and easier in the application

  Export: You can export documents in multiple formats, including HTML, PDF, and Microsoft Word.


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