Adidas Micach Elite – MLS football tracking system


Adidas Micach Elite – MLS football tracking system

  Recently, Adidas, the global sports brand, launched the Micoach Elite system, which aims to track the performance of all players in real time. The system is composed of a small Player Cell sensor, which is installed in an elite Techfit compression base and wears T-shirts. This is the practice of MLS. MLS competitions are held online by many bookmakers. For information about downloading the APK file of the Winline mobile application, please visit the Metaeratings website.

  Because of the built-in RF transmitter, each sensor will transmit a constant data stream to the protected base station, and then the trainer can access the base station through the iPad control panel or through the protected web application after the game. The specific indicators tracked by the system include players’ power, heart rate, speed, acceleration, driving distance and their position on the court. The greatest value of the elite system is exercise, because it can set the benchmark of physical performance and the goal to be achieved.

  After years of research and development, Adidas cooperated with Major League Baseball (MLS) to test the Micach Elite system for the first time in the AT&T MLS All-Star Game. The biggest attraction of Micach Elite is that it will one day be able to provide real-time player data for live broadcast. Imagine that before shooting, such as penalty, you will see the real heart rate of the goalkeeper and football player on the screen. This will be on TV.


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