Pixia graphic editor


Pixia graphic editor

  Today, I saw an interesting program that I hadn’t noticed for a long time. In general, there is a very convenient raster graphics editor in front of you. The application developed by Isao Maruoka has said a lot of good things in some circles. Interested people can try to download Pixia from our website. Please note that this program does not need to be registered, so it does not need to be destroyed and processed. It only needs to be installed and started to use. Of course, there are more.

  First, to be more precise, at first, when the program was created, its goal was to help users create animes and cartoons, but with the release of the new version, the editor began to be actively used in completely different fields. Pixia will be happy to interact with Wacom’s graphics tablet. You will be able to process 3D image layers and have various effects, including transparent effects. Of course, Pixia can handle various graphic formats, such as JPG, PNG, BMP, etc. All the lists can be found on the official website, just mention PSD and PXA support – the format of the program itself.

  At first, Pixia was created for Japanese users, which is understandable. But later, after gaining popularity on the Internet, the program was translated into different languages, but there is still no Russian now. This is of course regrettable. It may scare away many users. I think you and I know that many of us want to have Russian even if we use the simplest program in the world. This is my conclusion based on the comments of our project. Personally, Pixia is very convenient to use. Even if I don’t know perfect English, I can easily understand it.

  Adding graphics to the program is very simple. Just drag and drop them to the main window without working through the interface. Pixia only runs on Windows operating system and works well on 98 and 7. Basically, you get a free and good graphic editor, support effects, graphic editing tools, etc., all in a colorful and pleasant interface. In general, I think we can end our small comments on Pixia program. Don’t forget to leave comments as always. Users and I will be happy to read and draw conclusions.


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