WINSOFT ComPort features, WINSOFT ComPort cracked version


  WINSOFT ComPort features, WINSOFT ComPort cracked version

  WINSOFT ComPort is a Delphi library and C++Builder, which is connected to the input device through the USB port. The library provides CP210x, CP2130, CDC, FTDI, PL2303 and CH34x devices. These standards include a wide range of equipment and electrical slaves. For example, in addition to the standard input device, you can also connect to Arduino slave devices. These slaves are still Nopa, but many users around the world use it for convenience.

  Later, if you want to exchange information with mobile devices in Dolphin programs and C++Builder, you can easily add this library to your project. You do not need to run an input device to use this library. In fact, this library transfers the data required by the USB standard port to your computer. It’s written in different books, but at Delphie, we can print most of them.

  The classes and methods available in WINSOFT ComPort are clearly written, and you don’t need to spend too much effort to learn them. This program provides many examples in which you can find the code for these projects in the complete and important sections of the library. This library is a complete source code. If you are interested in developing these libraries, you can find them by applying the product code. This library is provided independently, so using it will not establish any connection with the software or library.

  Features of WINSOFT ComPort:

  Easy connection to various serial ports and connected devices

  Use partial processing to improve program performance and speed

  Delphi/C++Builder 5 – 10.1 and Lazarus 1.6

  The source code is provided with the library to facilitate more development of the author’s program

  Easy to use

  Lower libraries and lowest load rate


  Software for this group:


  WINSOFT for Android FT31xD_ ComPort

  WINSOFT for Android FTDI_ ComPort

  WINSOFT for Android Prolific_ ComPort

  WINSOFT for Android USB Serial_ ComPort

  WINSOFT for Android USB_ ComPort

  WINSOFT ComPort for Android

  FireMonkey’s WINSOFT ComPort

  WINSOFT Transport for OSX


  WinSoft ComPort.NET


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