ASDIP Foundation handles software easily


  ASDIP Foundation handles software easily

  ASDIP Foundation is the former ASDIP Foundation and the professional design and calculation software of ASDIP Foundation and PCO. With this program, you can design concrete pipes according to the latest IBC and ACI 318 standards, and it is also easier to recalculate and calculate time. Each structure uses a special piano or fund according to its design purpose. For example, some structures are widely used traces. Some other tape tracks, possibly combined tapes. It doesn’t matter which track you want to use. The software can process various funds with accurate calculation and speed. We recommend that engineers use ASDIP Foundation to reduce design and calculation time. The product is provided by ASDIP structural foundation, especially in the field of architecture.

  Software functions and features of ASDIP Foundation:

  Simple graphical environment

  It’s easy to deal with software.

  Comprehensive and detailed guidance on each part of the plan

  Compare with the latest mail, including ACI 318-14 and ASCE 7-05 or 10

  Compare with all Windows versions

  It supports a variety of measurement units, including American inch, death, SI centimeter, meter,… and other MKS units.

  Higher efficiency and opportunity to design different components

  Strengthen various controls of steel design

  Easy project management and control

  Overall control of all parts of the design

  Clean up processes without interfering with unnecessary complexity

  Focus on engineering, not software and computing

  Automatic calculation is important

  Manage, organize, create, and save computers

  Sustainability analysis and financing


  Required Systems

  Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10


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