TMS Diagram Studio One Set of Components Cracked Version


  TMS Diagram Studio One Set of Components Cracked Version

  TMS Diagram Studio is a set of components that can be easily used in programs to develop Dolphin developers.

  TMS Diagram Studio has a panel control where users can create blocks, lines, and links.

  Functions and features of TMS Diagram Studio:

  Edit a chart similar to a standard chart application

  Visio Similar Application Icon Editor

  According to the official statement, the square and line are of high quality.

  Ability to clean blocks and pipelines

  Supports image formats in blocks BMP, WMF, EMF, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and JPG

  Open architecture for building blocks and order lines

  Flowers, stones and light bulbs are ready.

  Print function and display

  The linking system allows you to create customizable links and retrieve connected block information.

  Supports clipboard operators

  Ability to swallow, shadow, and bitmap blocks

  Full block order: pen, brush, color, select color, minimum width and height

  Full text order: horizontal and vertical alignment, font, line breaking, clipping

  Links can be set in blocks

  Local Editable Text

  Arrow shapes: pen, source arrow, target arrow

  Support block loop

  TDiagramToolBar can be used to edit simple charts without programming

  Image background

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  Printing ability

  Supports locks in connection blocks and hidden blocks to open and close locks

  You can easily browse order blocks using TBlockDrawer and TGPBlockDrawer helper classes

  Clipboard operations, deleting and entering objects, zooming, and other functions


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