Add Android demo and real-time spelling suggestions to the TRICH view


  Add Android demo and real-time spelling suggestions to the TRICH view

  Add Android demos and real-time spelling suggestions.

  FireMonkey version:

  All demo projects have been ported to Android.

  Added the ability to use the platform spell check service, if available.

  Added real-time spelling suggestions to the pop-up window.

  Improved the Smart Eject button.

  Other changes:

  New options for text search have been added.

  A new event has been added to highlight the current row.

  TRICHView is a set of local Delphi/C++Builder/Lazarus components (VCL/FMX/LCL) for displaying, editing and printing hypertext documents.

  The FireMonkey version supports Microsoft Windows and macOS platforms.

  Lazarus version supports Microsoft Windows platform.

  The component supports various character attributes (font, subscript/superscript, color text background, custom drawing). The document can contain tables, pictures, images in an image list, and any Delphi control. Left, right, centered, or aligned paragraph alignment, custom margins and indents, multi-level bullets and numbers, Unicode, background images, print preview, HTML export, RTF export and import, data aware versions, and more.

  The RichView package is completely written in Delphi and does not use external DLL or ActiveX files. It is not based on Microsoft RichEdit controls. The registered version of the package includes the complete source code.


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