EdrawMax v12 comes out fresh, redesigning font library UI


EdrawMax v12 comes out fresh, redesigning font library UI

  Sets the default unit of measurement when drawing the page.

  Now you can drag the yellow diamond cursor to change the shape freely.

  Redesign the font library UI.

  Added keyword matching search function for font search.

  Added support for inserting page breaks.

  Added the ability to add and optimize symbols.

  EdrawMax Pro is a versatile charting application that allows you to create process maps, mind maps, organization charts, network maps, and floor plans, including a rich library of examples and templates. EdrawMax enables students, teachers, and business professionals to reliably create and publish multiple charts to express any idea. This is an integrated graphic software, which can easily create professional flow charts, network diagrams, organization charts, business demonstrations, building plans, mind maps, fashion designs, UML diagrams, workflows, program structures, network design diagrams, electrical engineering diagrams, direction diagrams, database diagrams, etc.

  EdrawMax Features

  Chart types – There are more than 280 chart types, which can meet all your needs for business offices, strategic analysis, human resources, engineering management, etc.

  Easy to get started – DrawMax deeply analyzes various office drawing tools, simplifies user operations, and improves the intelligence of drawing.

  Strong file compatibility – Excellent file compatibility enables users to import and export graphics to various file formats, such as Microsoft Visio, PDF, Microsoft Office, images, etc.

  Cross platform support – run all functions and templates equally on different platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, and EdrawMax Online.

  Easier creation – DrawMax has 2000 built-in professional templates and 26000 drag and drop symbols, waiting for you to start immediately.

  Visualization is more intuitive – DrawMax supports customization of each element, making your ideas and data more intuitive, and making your presentation more vivid.

  Communicate More Effectively – DrawMax keeps everyone on the same page, anywhere, anytime. Share and collaborate your work in any file format and any channel you want.


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