MindFusion. WinForms Pack 2022.R2


  MindFusion. WinForms Pack 2022.R2

  Multiple labels per node – allows multiple headers to be displayed for a single flowchart node. You can customize node labels, including display and positioning.


  The bhMoveLabels behavior now allows users to interactively move links and node labels.

  Horizontal and vertical offsets are now available for arrow labels located using the SetLinkLengthPosition method.

  A new “PatternRouter” constructor has been added, which accepts string definitions for link routes.

  The “EnableParallelism” and “MaxDegreeOfParallelis” layout properties are now available in the CoreCLR assembly (Microsoft.NET Core 3 and 5+versions).

  SvgNode now displays the bitmap embedded in the SVG content.

  SvgNode now supports dotted lines in SVG content (defined by the stroke dasharray attribute).

  Added new export overloads for Microsoft Excel, SVG, and WMF exporter classes, allowing you to write System.IO.Stream.

  A new grouping type has been added through the AttachToFractionalPosition method and the Attach To overload.

  JSON serialization/deserialization now retains the original type of ID and Tag values.

  MindFusion. Chart

  Heat Map – Added a new heatmapChart control and the corresponding heatmapRenderer that can be used to draw heat maps.

  MindFusion. Schedule

  Reorder Resources

  Now, you can enable the “AllowReorderResources” attribute to allow users to reorder the resource columns in the schedule or resource view when setting GroupType. The ReorderIndicatorColor and ReorderIndicatorWidth properties allow you to customize the appearance of inserted indicator rows.


  New CustomDrawElements “ItemHeaderText” and “ItemDescriptionText” members have been added, enabling you to customize the drawing of text labels.

  You can now enable the “ExtendedCurrentTimeMarker” attribute so that the current timestamp spans the entire range of the timesheet/resource view.

  API changes

  The AllowMoveRowHeaders attribute of ResourceViewSettings is now considered obsolete and replaced by AllowReorderResources. The latter also allows reordering of auxiliary resources.

  MindFusion Virtual Keyboard

  Added the CurrentCase property to RegularKey, which returns the label of the current status of the modifier key (such as Shift or Caps lock).

  Enable PasswordMode to stop highlighting pressed or hovered keys.

  The ChangeLanguage overload method allows you to set the current language through the Microsoft Windows SDK layout identifier or CultureInfo.

  The control can now track the status of the Caps Lock and Shift keys of the physical keyboard, if one is connected to the system.


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