MindFusion Crack version, which arranges layers in concentric circles around the root


  MindFusion Crack version, which arranges layers in concentric circles around the root

  A new radial tree layout has been added – the RadialTreeLayout class arranges tree levels around the concentric circle of the root.


  The strokeDashArray and strokeDashOffset properties now allow you to set a custom dash pattern when strokeDashStyle is set to Custom.

  Styled text now allows you to set the font size.

  The ‘enableStyledText’ attribute has been added to the ItemLabel, which allows you to format the label using HTML like formatting flags.

  The “enableWrap” and “maxWidth” attributes have been added to the ItemLabel, allowing you to wrap the text of the label.

  Added the “ArrowHeads” class, which exposes arrow shapes as static methods that return their predefined shapes.

  MindFusion。 JavaScript diagrams allow you to create flowcharts using predefined node shapes. You can also use links to connect nodes together, and users can create, resize, select, move, and modify nodes and links as needed. All chart elements can be accessed programmatically, and there are ways to change the appearance of all elements.

  MindFusion。 JavaScript Feature Chart

  JavaScript Chart Component – Chart tools are 100% written in JavaScript and drawn using HTML5 Canvas elements. This component runs without third-party dependencies on modern browsers.

  An impressive variety of chart items – whether you want to create workflow diagrams, flowcharts, genealogies, or diagrams – the MindFusion JavaScript graphics library stores a long list of predefined node shapes for you to choose from. You can even define your own node shapes. Each node can have a label or image as the background. Connectors also support a variety of customization options – they can be straight lines or curves, starting and ending with various arrow shapes, changing color and position. MindFusion JavaScript components allow you to design the best web-based flowchart without any compromise.

  Rich user interaction functions – MindFusion library can be used to quickly and easily build interaction diagrams of JavaScript and HTML. Users of web applications can create, resize, select, move, and modify nodes and links as needed. For a real platform and browser independent application, JavaScript charts can handle mouse and touch events equally well. You can choose among several user interaction modes to control how the flowchart responds to user actions in the browser. If your chart is viewed in iOS Safari, this component handles one – and two finger touch events for item creation, modification, chart scrolling, and zooming.

  The elegant API gives you programmatic access to each element in the diagram. There are ways to change the appearance of an item, control the allowed actions performed by the user, and control many events. The API has detailed documentation, and provides various code examples, function examples, and tutorials to help you get started.

  Automatic Layout Algorithm – The automatic graphic layout algorithm can perfectly present any workflow diagram, organization chart, graph, class hierarchy or any other flowchart scheme in your mind. The application of JsDiagram layout is fast and convenient, requiring only one method call. Each algorithm provides a number of custom properties that allow you to customize to the needs of your web application.

  Styles – MindFusion’s JavaScript tools provide powerful style options for flowcharts, both visually and functionally. You can select brushes and brushes for nodes and links, customize the background, and use various glass or aviation effects to polish the appearance of the chart.

  The chart library of React – The chart library includes the React DiagramView component. It presents the chart instance assigned to the Chart attribute as its model. At present, you can also set the following attributes from JSX: allowInplaceEdit, autoResize, backBrush, behavior, defaultShape, enabled, linkHeadShapeSize, linkShape, roundedLinks, routeLinks, showAnchors, showGrid All chart events can also be processed through JSX syntax.


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