Continua CI continues to integrate, and Continua CI will distribute your build throughout the netwo


  Continua CI continues to integrate, and Continua CI will distribute your build throughout the netwo

  Continua CI is a Release Management Server application that eliminates all challenges in the build process by managing the build for you. It is designed to continuously monitor all source code and automatically start discrete builds. Continua CI automates the entire process, from triggering the build to packaging and deploying the final product. Do not limit your build to one machine, the Continua CI will distribute your build throughout the network.

  Continua CI Continuous Integration

  Continuous integration and elimination of trouble associated with running builds. The Continua CI will detect any changes in the source code, check these changes according to your own business logic, and automatically run your build.

  Continua CI can be divided into three basic steps:

  Monitor any changes to the source.

  If the source changes, a build is triggered.

  Build and deploy your build.

  Automatically compile, test, analyze, and deploy

  Continua CI turns the dreaded build phase into one of the simplest phases in the development cycle. The Continua CI contains all the traps and issues related to the build and handles them for you. When you build with Continua CI, you will continuously and automatically compile, test, and analyze code. If it passes all tests, the Continua CI can deploy your build. Once your development team is satisfied, it can be deployed automatically or manually. The Continua CI is under your control.

  View your build

  The Continua CI maintains a history of previous versions. This can be used to compare the current build with previous iterations. These build reviews include statistics about build duration, versions, unit test results, build artifacts, and changes made since the last build. Most importantly, these comments show you why the build failed. The Continua CI keeps all error messages, stack traces, and logs, so you can easily identify what went wrong and how to fix it.

  Let Continua CI serve you

  If you do not want Continua CI to automate the entire build process, you can simply add your own business logic and rules. The Continua CI can be customized at each stage of the build process. You can specify that the Continua CI starts building only under certain conditions, including how it handles the repository and your own source code. This open philosophy extends from triggering builds and performing individual build operations to how packaging and deployment are handled.


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