RemObjects Elements Multi purpose Software Development Tool Chain


  RemObjects Elements Multi purpose Software Development Tool Chain

  RemObjects Elements is a modern multi-purpose software development tool chain. It supports six popular programming languages: Oxygene (Object Pascal), Swift, C #, Java, Go, and Mercury (VB), and is applicable to all modern platforms. With Elements, you can program for any platform you like, either individually or by sharing code between projects and platforms. It also provides a rich Mac and Windows integrated development environment (IDE), which enables you to work efficiently no matter where you work or what the target platform is.

  The Elements compiler toolchain gives you a choice of six programming languages and related tools, allowing you to build applications for all major platforms. From iOS to Android, from Windows to Mac, and from ASP. NET over Java service to WebAssembly. No matter which language you choose, Oxygene, C #, Swift, Java, Go or Mercury (VB), you can use it on all platforms.

  Developers on Windows can use Water, which is an IDE customized for Elements. If you work on a Mac, you can use Fire, the most advanced development environment on the Mac. Elements also has deep integration with Visual Studio on Windows.

  Added the “[Internal]” attribute to hide public classes in CC.

  Island: You can now use the “assembly” class in the external “. fx”.

  Array range added for non Microsoft.NET.

  Debugger: Improved logic for running the selected “debug host” in Core, Mono, or. NET.

  Debugger: Island: Darwin: Read only the necessary “dylibs” symbolic names.

  Debugger: Islands: Read symbols by name from the shared cache.

  Fire fighting and water supply

  Breakpoint: added support for breakpoints to stop the current process.

  Log cleaning.

  Project Settings: Allows certain settings to pick files from the project and browse for external files.

  Water: Added the File/FolderPicker setting type that allows browsing.

  Water: Reconstruct FolderBrowserDialog to OpenFileDialog.


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