CData API Server Comprehensive and well d


  CData API Server Comprehensive and well documented API

  Create an API using existing business information. Connecting to any SQL and NoSQL database and API server will immediately generate a flexible, comprehensive and fully documented API.

  Discover the potential for data integration.

  API Server API Server provides the fastest way to make data available in enterprise APIs. Whether your enterprise wants to use APIs to promote growth, build a huge third-party ecosystem, or is creating solutions for It departments and data management, API servers are your solutions. The API server is for you.

  Create a fully documented API that is discoverable and built on the OpenAPI.

  Security controls are fine-grained access to user, security, and API management tools.

  Enterprise level security, with strong SSL encryption, user management, access control and access control.

  Extended data access through JDBC and ADO.NET

  API Server API Server provides a lightweight Web application that allows users to build and publish data APIs without having to customize development requirements. Through simple click and drag configuration, users can design and set access to popular applications, such as Microsoft Power BI, Salesforce Lightning Connect, SharePoint external lists, Excel, PowerPivot, and so on.

  Connect using standard drivers. CData provides drivers that allow you to connect directly to API servers from almost anywhere. API servers almost anywhere.

  Connect via OData. Developer tools are widely compatible with the OData protocol, and can use various client libraries to process OData, such as. NET, Java, PHP, Objective-C, etc.

  Connect via JSON. Use JSON API to directly interact with data. Web developers can communicate with JSON and JSONp entry points, and there are no client requirements other than standard JavaScript.

  Connect to other Modern Web APIs. Unmatched functionality and flexibility when connecting to different systems and applications. You can access many interfaces using standard protocols, such as SOAP REST, HTML, ATOM, JSON, XLS, CSV, and more!


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