Grial UI Kit Theme Customizer, a map with custom tags


  Grial UI Kit Theme Customizer, a map with custom tags

  New look and feel – a new modern look and feel that is cleaner, simpler, and more flexible. Arranged in beautiful templates, all Grial UI Kit visual blocks can be reassembled.

  . NET MAUI support – added pair NET MAUI.

  Template Browser – Use Grial Web Admin to browse all Grial UI Kit 4 content (templates, layouts, controls, etc.), search, select, customize and add Grial content to your project without touching a line of code.

  Theme Customizer – allows you to create a new look and feel for cross platform applications in minutes without touching any line of XAML.

  Grid Maps – includes maps with custom tags designed to meet all your map needs: tag stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. (Maps have not been provided for. NET MAUI.)

  Grid Floating Menu – New floating buttons that you can place anywhere on the screen to display important actions on a specific screen. This control is very similar to the floating action button (FAB) in Android’s Material design system.

  Grille drawer control – allows you to have an extra layer of content on the screen without the user seeing too much information at first sight. It provides beautiful on/off animation. (Drawers are not yet available for. NET MAUI.)

  Optional Wrap Panel – Wrap panel items can now be selected. This extension of Grial’s wrapper panel control allows you to create multiple selection entries in the form.

  Parallax view – useful for almost all mobile applications, parallax view helps you achieve parallax animation conversion without complexity. It also has an optional sticky title in case the user has to keep something visible after scrolling down.

  Rating Controls – Fully customizable controls provide an ultra fast and easy way to gather feedback from anywhere in the application.

  Grial XAML Expressions – XAML code is more powerful than ever. Using Grial’s XAML expressions, you can maintain UI logic in the UI. Gone are the days of superspecific converters or cluttered view model code with UI specific properties.


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