LEADTOOLS announce ComponentSource


  LEADTOOLS announce ComponentSource

  On September 20, 2022, it was announced that the business agreement between LEAD Technologies Inc and GrapeCity Corporation will terminate. The announcement highlighted LEAD’s history and depth within the Japanese marketplace, as well as the success of LEADTOOLS within the developer community. With the end of this business agreement, GrapeCity will no longer sell LEADTOOLS products.

  We are pleased to announce that, based on an agreement reached with LEAD, ComponentSource will launch a new sales operation based in their Tokyo office for LEADTOOLS Japanese version products as of November 1st, 2022. ComponentSource has previously been selling both Japanese and English versions of LEADTOOLS for both GrapeCity and LEAD, however after November 1st, 2022 we will continue to sell both the Japanese and English versions of LEADTOOLS on behalf of LEAD as the only distributor in Japan. Under previous arrangements, only past versions of LEADTOOLS were made available in the Japanese marketplace. We are thrilled that under this new agreement, we are now able to deliver the latest versions of LEADTOOLS to Japanese developers.

  We have been doing business with LEAD for more than 25 years both in Japan and overseas globally, and we will continue to enhance our services so that our customers can use LEAD’s products with confidence in Japan.

  ”We tremendously value our longstanding history of success in partnership with ComponentSource, as do many of our global LEADTOOLS customers” said Moe Daher, Co-Founder and CEO of LEAD Technologies. “The opportunity to bring our Japanese customer base together under this one unified partnership, will stand to better serve our customers with direct access to LEAD’s latest product versions as well as a single representative within this local market.”

  About ComponentSource

  ComponentSource is the world’s largest marketplace for reusable software components for all platforms. The respected barometer for the component industry, ComponentSource pioneered the open market for reusable software components in 1995, and continues to drive the market through its award-winning e-business model and groundbreaking work to establish the first widely accepted reusable component standard. A global e-business with customers in over 180 countries, ComponentSource is headquartered in Atlanta, GA United States and has offices in Reading, England, Dublin, Ireland and Tokyo, Japan. For more information,


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