JointJS+New MindMap Application


  JointJS+New MindMap Application

  A new application has been added: MindMap MindMap application can help your team or end customer intuitively organize information, propose new ideas and collaborate. All necessary tools such as Command Manager and UI components (newly updated rich text editor) are included.

  Added a new set of useful shapes (Value Stream Mapping) – Added a new set of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) shapes, which are available as separate installable modules. These shapes not only help to draw lean processes, but also serve as a gallery of general shapes to some extent, which may be useful in other use cases. Most importantly, they can inspire you how to create your own shapes.

  The improved highlighter adds dynamic content to existing elements – introduces an improved fluorescent lamp that renders dynamic content without touching existing elements in any way.

  Added support for touchpads and trackpads – in this new version, your customers can navigate their diagrams by simply interacting with the touchpad or trackpad (using gestures).

  The look of pop-up windows is now in your hands – in the past, the way you controlled the look of contextual toolbars and pop-up windows was quite rigid. Now, you can change their location, size, anchoring, filling, etc. to make you more flexible when using our library.

  Improved user interface. Clipboard to help you copy/paste multiple elements – improved ui. Clipboard component, which allows you to copy/paste multiple elements, insert clipboard cells at a given point, and pass custom model flags.

  Added a new link tool to show when hovering, allowing for more flexible links – using the new link tool. The HoverConnect component allows you to move over existing links and create more flexible connections.

  A more powerful rich text editor has been added – an enhanced rich text editor has been added that allows you to format text in a variety of ways – changing the font, color, size, and more of the text.

  Added option to copy nested cells – elements and their descendants can now be cloned and forked.

  A new option has been added to make it easier to change the scale of the tool – a new and simple way to resize the tool in the user interface.


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2022-10-23 20:11:18


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2022-10-30 15:43:27

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