Advanced Installer converts it to MSIX


  Advanced Installer converts it to MSIX

  The new repackager automation and MSIX compatibility framework enables your team to automatically analyze applications and convert them to MSIX.

  Supports concurrent download and installation of prerequisites (as progress).

  Customize the location when running Microsoft PowerShell scripts.

  PowerShell automatically supports adding “PowershellScriptFile”.

  PowerShell automatically supports adding linked packages.

  Security improvements: You can now protect EXE settings from loading tampered versions of the “decoder”. Dll file.

  Added support for synchronizing the path written in INI with the APPDIR path and the installation type of the installer.

  A new Installer Analytics parameter has been added to distinguish between installation and uninstallation.

  The Run PowerShell Script File custom action now supports script parameters.

  Improved the Select Component dialog box.

  PowerShell custom actions now default to digital signatures.

  Added “Add/SetUwpAppxPackageProperties” command line support for Microsoft Windows Store applications and modification package projects.

  Generates a new unique folder name for the New, Copy, and Copy/Paste build operations.

  Software package related icons and images have been updated to refresh the appearance and improve rendering under high DPI.

  Warnings are now displayed when using some repackager options.

  Added symbolic link support in MSI editor mode.

  Added the ability to synchronize file extension icons between MSI and MSIX builds.

  Added a new option to disable WinUI translation.

  Improved field validation in the Repackager GUI.

  Improved Copy Files/Folders operation.

  Added predefined prerequisites for Python installers.

  The MSIX platform has been updated to Windows 11 version 22H2.

  Microsoft. NET and NET Core prerequisites are updated to the latest version (6.0.10 and 3.1.30).

  Added predefined startup conditions for Windows 11 version 22H2 x64 (preview)


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