List & Label Enterprise Reporting


List & Label Enterprise Reporting

  Designer objects: Take advantage of new objects for your report templates such as gauges, data graphics, checkboxes and PDF files.

  Charts: Create pie charts intuitively with just a few clicks. Further chart types will be added successively.

  Repository: Add structure and clarity to the content of your repository. Folder structures are supported automatically without the need for changes to existing implementations.

  Table editor: Create and reposition cells with no effort using drag and drop. Properties can also be adapted more easily and conveniently in the new table editor.


  Microsoft Excel Export Extended with Your Own Ideas

  Excel formulas in worksheets: As an option, all texts in the Designer that begin with “=” can be automatically converted into an Excel formula. For example, you can set the current date in the spreadsheet using Excel formula “=TODAY()” in the report.

  Headers and footers: Define the content of optional headers and footers for each page when printing from Excel with the help of new export options. This is helpful e.g. for the output of page numbers.

  Column width: Well-proportioned data export – the Excel function for automatic column width adjustment is now used as a standard feature for data export.

  Password protection: Use a password to protect your Excel spreadsheets from various types of manipulation such as deletion, insertion and formatting.

  PDF Export

  Specify whether or not commenting and filling out of form and signature fields is permitted for encrypted PDF export. Two new options make it possible.

  Microsoft Word Export

  Specify the additional document properties title, author, subject and keywords when exporting Word documents.

  XHTML Export

  Retain a clear overview even when scrolling: table headers can now be pinned so that they’re always visible at the top.

  New for .NET

  New data providers: Link your MariaDB or Azure Cosmos DB database to List & Label. With the new data providers, you only need a few lines of source code.

  Images in data sources: Enjoy the multiple benefits offered by optimized use of byte arrays for images. Image formats supported by List & Label are automatically recognized and used on the fly – without time-consuming conversions. This results in optimized runtime, smaller preview files and enhanced support for format-specific properties such as transparency for PNG files.


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