The export format option of compound report, compound report sub report and project


  The export format option of compound report, compound report sub report and project

  Designer objects: new objects using report templates, such as meters, data graphs, check boxes, and PDF files.

  Chart: Create a pie chart visually with just a few clicks. Other chart types will be added in turn.

  Repository: Add structure and clarity to the content of the repository. Automatically supports folder structures without changing existing implementations.

  Table Editor: Easily create and reposition cells using drag and drop. In the new table editor, attributes can also be adjusted more easily and conveniently.


  Microsoft Excel export expands your own ideas

  Excel Formula in Worksheet: As an option, all text starting with “=” in the designer can be automatically converted to Excel formulas. For example, you can use the Excel formula “=TODAY()” in the report to set the current date in the spreadsheet.

  Header and Footer: With the help of the new export option, define the contents of the optional header and footer for each page when printing from Excel. This helps output page numbers.

  Column Width: Balanced data export – The Excel function used for automatic column width adjustment is now used as the standard function for data export.

  Password protection: Use a password to protect Excel spreadsheets from various types of operations, such as deletion, insertion, and formatting.

  PDF Export

  Specifies whether encrypted PDF export allows comments and filling in form and signature fields. There are two new options that make this possible.

  Microsoft Word Export

  When you export a Word document, specify additional document property titles, authors, topics, and keywords.

  XHTML Export

  Even when scrolling, keep the overview clear: You can now pin the table title so that it is always visible at the top.


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