RayVenture to improve IT analytics


  RayVenture to improve IT analytics

  SSO (Single Sign On) with KeyCloak – use the single sign on solution and directly interact with KeyClok.

  Company specific data enrichment – Easily enrich your data with information such as product owner, price, or license information to get a comprehensive view of the data you need.

  New connectors for deeper data management – Many new connectors have been added, including Cisco Meraki, Google Cloud Storage Download, Falcon, RankWatch, and Typetalk.

  From management overview to technical in-depth analysis – easy switching between advanced dashboards and raw data.

  Data visualization – Configure the size of the dashboard to make it scrollable, and add elements and widgets to adapt the dashboard to your daily management needs.

  Proactively manage operating systems – Gain insight into your operating system by analyzing business data such as End of Life and End of Support information.

  RayVenture provides a comprehensive inventory of your hardware and software, as well as various scanning methods to collect the best quality data from an increasingly complex IT environment. The integration of different data sources (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and internal deployment), as well as the preparation of clear dashboards and reports, are the basis for decision-making, enabling you to effectively manage data with the highest data quality.

  Main advantages of RayVenture:

  Different scanning methods

  List of proxy based or agentless desktop and server systems. Portable scanners (for example, scanning through Active Directory GPOs, Puppets, USB drives, etc.) can detect unmanaged or disconnected devices.

  Compliance to support license audits

  Better prepare for license audits with accurate and up-to-date software asset overviews. Can be customized to meet security requirements.

  Save time and management

  Scan can be scheduled regularly and available 24/7. Remote discovery and network device list can also be performed at any time.


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