PACE Packager Hub application packaging processes


PACE Packager Hub application packaging processes

  Added new SLA Tracker module to enable engineers and customers to easily measure and meet Service-Level Agreements.

  Customization lets you configure separate working calendars and SLA metrics for each Order Type of your project.

  Improved View Filters

  Added new filters for Orders and Packages enabling users to choose multiple options from a drop-down list instead of manually entering the values.

  Different filter options are available depending on the selected projects and their configuration.

  Support of SFTP Repositories

  Added the possibility for users to work with various repositories by adding the SFTP protocol (SSH File Transfer Protocol).

  It is now possible to attach SFTP servers as repositories to deliver packages to your customers.

  Business Rule Templates and Improvements

  Improved the Business Rules by adding the following enhancements:

  Business Rules templates now enable the export of Business Rules from one project to a template which can be reused later.

  Added the ability to manage the execution sequence of Business Rules.

  Incompatible actions for the selected Business Rule triggers are now hidden.

  Added information about who made the rule changes and when.

  Added the ability to sort the table of Business Rules by a column.

  Other minor improvements and fixes.

  Drag-and-Drop for File Upload

  The new Upload Resources dialog box for Order Artifacts includes drag-and-drop functionality.

  Upload multiple files manually or drag and drop them all at once.


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