SecureBackbox 2022 fine granularity control


  SecureBackbox 2022 fine granularity control

  SecureBackbox includes a variety of powerful data protection, secure storage and secure transmission components. These components are designed for use in the most demanding conditions, providing the best possible performance while providing fine-grained control over all security options.

  SecureBlack features

  Full support for TLS 1.3.

  Support the latest versions of XAdES, CAdES, PAdES and ASiC standards.

  SAML Identity and Service Provider Server.

  Advanced certificate management tools, including PKCS11 and KMIP.

  A complete unified framework with a universal, easy to learn object model and simplified interfaces enables you to do more.

  Easy to use OCSP and TSP servers.

  Shared private key and remote access through distributed encryption technology.

  The client and server side support the main Internet protocols, including FTP, HTTP, SFTP, WebDAV, REST, SMTP, and POP3.

  Delphi Edition FMX supports cross platform development.

  Components are thread safe on key members.

  Fast, robust, reliable – Components that consume the least resources.

  Local development components for all supported platforms and component technologies.

  The rock solid library has been tested for hundreds of thousands of hours.

  Detailed reference documents, sample applications, fully indexed help files, and an extensive online knowledge base.

  Supported by multiple layers of professional support, including free email support and enterprise paid support.


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