TMS RemoteDB component accessibility, TMS RemoteDB client properties


  TMS RemoteDB component accessibility, TMS RemoteDB client properties

  Accessibility of multiple database components on the server side

  When constructing a host, you can use a large number of database access elements to connect to the database. This has many advantages:

  You can take advantage of your current proprietary technology on specific component groups;

  You can fine tune the server using the specific options provided by the widget;

  Your customer application will be identical to the parts you use on both sides. This provides you with greater compatibility and an easy transition to TMS RemoteDB. If your current client application uses FireDAC as an instance, you can use it on the server side, which makes the behavior of your client TXDataset almost identical to that of TFDQuery. The same is true for other components supported by TMS RemoteDB.

  Client properties:

  Windows, macOS, iOS and Android accessible to HTTP customers

  Support HTTP security (HTTPS)

  Transparently handle chunking and gzip encoding answers

  Server properties:

  HTTP server based on HTTP. Sys stack (Windows only – minimum Vista and Server 2008)

  Support HTTP security (HTTPS)

  TGenericDatabase part, used for direct database host relationship in traditional client server architecture

  Kernel mode cache and kernel mode request queue (less context switching overhead)

  Multiple applications/processes can discuss (respond to) identical interfaces (at different addresses)

  Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support in kernel mode


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