Linux Learning from the Perspective of College Students


  Linux Learning from the Perspective of College Students

  Today’s software development industry is full of stars. It is difficult to make a great career in this industry. Looking back at today’s server market, there is no such thing as the former server brothers, and more of them are Linux systems. The Android system in the mobile terminal is developed based on the Linux kernel, and the current Linux system has been able to meet most of people’s needs. All kinds of software, cloud computing, big data and other technologies used in our daily life support the Linux operating system by default. So Linux is really important to the development of our current network society. Today, as a college student, I would like to talk to you about my Linux learning path.

  My major in the school is to learn electronic information engineering and cultivate the basic knowledge of electronic technology information system. In the school, I seriously study the professional knowledge of signal acquisition and processing in electronic information engineering, power plant equipment information system, etc., and I often hope that I can design, develop a software and put it into use to develop the basic ability to apply information systems. Of course, I hope my knowledge will not only stay in the professional field, but also expand outwards. So I turned my attention to Linux.

  I found that at present, Google search, Taobao shopping, QQ, WeChat and other commonly used software are supported and composed of thousands of Linux servers. If we can’t operate Linux skillfully, we can’t understand the secret behind computer technology, and our cognition will also be reduced. So after many studies and comparisons, I found a book about learning Linux system, which tells us a lot about the application of Linux, and is worth thinking about.


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