ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition


  ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition

  Added support for Google BigQuery data warehouse – ER/Studio includes many improvements to support Google BigQuery data warehouse.

  Updated to ensure that Google BigQuery Models are rendered correctly from Data Architect into Team Server.

  Improved performance when adding a diagram – This release includes updates to the Team Server code to improve performance when users attempt to add a diagram with a large amount of data.

  Improved WhereScape Data Automation tool support – ER/Studio Team Server includes the following improvements to support WhereScape Data Automation tool:

  Swaps the order of extended properties and relations so that extended properties are present before relations.

  If a table does not include an Index in ER/Studio, then the “indices” element is not present in the table details.

  ER/Studio Team Server provides greater meaning, understanding and context to enterprise data through team collaboration on an enterprise glossary of business definitions. This increases the value of enterprise data by giving employees across the organization the ability to use and improve metadata through team collaboration.

  ER/Studio Team Server Features

  ER/Studio Team Server provides greater meaning, understanding and context to enterprise data and enables collaboration and expertise among users.

  Inline Definitions Integrate enterprise business definitions with data management tools and internal web assets into daily workflows, delivering context and meaning to every user.

  Privacy and Security Alerts Adhere to industry regulations and business standards regarding security and privacy by alerting users who view or modify sensitive data within integrated data management tools.

  Semantic Mapping Develop applications and analyses faster by using business terms to easily find data elements.

  Mapped Data Source Registry Generate a tightly integrated information map by relating data models with their data sources and creating a single searchable registry of all available data sources to store information in one place.

  Centralized Reporting Create and share integrated reports using standard templates and a reporting wizard for ad hoc reports.

  Team Collaboration Apply enterprise collaboration capabilities to capture and use corporate tribal knowledge to reduce time identifying and correcting expensive data quality issues.

  Enterprise Glossary View, classify, relate and centrally store authoritative business definitions in an extensible enterprise glossary.

  Custom Extensions Enhance comprehension of business terms and data elements with custom extensions.


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