Stimulsoft cracked 2022 stimulsoft table


Stimulsoft cracked 2022 stimulsoft table

  Added property groups ‘Axis X’ and ‘Axis Y’ for three-dimensional charts in dashboards (WIN, Designer).

  Added ‘Side-by-Side’ property for 3D charts in dashboards (WIN, WEB, JS, Cloud, Designer, Server).

  Added a new data adapter that lets you connect to MariaDB data stores (WEB, Cloud, Server).

  Added the ability to horizontally align text in the column headers of ‘Table’ elements in dashboards (WEB, JS, Cloud, Server).

  Added a new ‘Parameter Width’ property for report templates (WEB, JS, Cloud, Server).

  Specify the behavior of view controls on ‘Chart’ elements. View controls can now be always displayed or only on hover. Customization is done in chart interaction editor (WEB, JS, Cloud Server).

  Added interactive features for 3D charts in reports and dashboards (JS).

  Updated the Microsoft Edge WebView2 component to version 1.0.1343.22 (WIN).

  Updated and improved the algorithm for drawing 3D charts for small series values (.NET, JS, WPF, WIN, Designer).

  Stimulsoft Ultimate is a universal set of tools for creating reports and dashboards. The product includes a complete set of tools for WinForms, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Blazor, JavaScript, WPF, PHP, Java, and other environments.

  Stimulsoft Ultimate Features

  Report Designer for everything – Includes an easy-to-use, fully functional designer. You may create reports and dashboards for any of the supported platforms. Wizards and editors will help you to cope with any task easily.

  Works on Windows and Mac – Works on any web browser.

  One document for any platform – Reports and dashboards have a unified format for more than 15 platforms. The reports are created in a recognizable and consistent visual interface. Create a template once and publish it everywhere.

  Toolbar – Includes a wide range of tools for creating informative dashboards and sophisticated reports. Texts, images, graphics, indicators, bar-codes, primitives, and other components, a large set of preset styles, special wizards will allow you to quickly and efficiently implement your ideas.

  Designer in your application – Do users of your applications want to change reports and dashboards? No problem! The report designer can be launched from your application at any time. Just one line of code and your clients can make the necessary changes in templates. No additional license fees required.


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