NOV UI for .NET improves support for NuGet deployment


NOV UI for .NET improves support for NuGet deployment

  Added support for Microsoft .NET Core 6.0 – NOV now has a native build for .NET Core 6.0, in addition to the supported builds for .NET Framework 4.7.2 and .NET Core 5.0.

  Added support for NuGet packages – NOV has extended support for NuGet based deployment, with added NuGet packages for every major component in the suite, as well as for the entire suite.

  NOV Examples for VB.NET – Every example now includes a new tab with the VB.NET code of the example. Users can also export every NOV example to a VB.NET solution and open it in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 or newer.

  ICO File Decoder – NOV can now read Microsoft Windows Icon (ICO) files as a set of images with different image sizes.

  All user interface widgets benefit from the following platform-wide features:

  High Performance – enjoy unbeatable UI performance, which uses hardware acceleration, multithreading and proprietary optimizations for superior user experiences.

  CSS3 and Themes – the UI is styled with the first managed implementation of CSS level 3, which we have extended with features the W3C still dreams about. Included are many predefined themes that mimic Windows and Mac native look-and-feel.

  Resolution Independence – the widgets are independent from the screen resolution. This allows you to create UI interfaces that look identical on all screen resolutions.

  Printable and exportable to PDF – the widgets are designed to be placed in printable content, such as NOV Text Editor and NOV Diagram documents. This helps you create interactive documents that are incredibly rich on features.

  Cross-platform API – the widgets use 100% identical API under WinForms, WPF and Blazor.

  NOV UI for .NET is part of Nevron Open Vision for .NET.


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