Oxygen XML Scripting Specific schema files


Oxygen XML Scripting Specific schema files

  New Command Line Launcher for Validating Files or Directories – It is now possible to validate files or directories from a command line interface. You can check that your documents are valid from an integration server and you can generate reports in several formats (text, XML, JSON, or an HTML visual format).

  You can specify a certain schema file to validate against.

  You can validate using the schema(s) that are internally associated within files.

  You can validate using the default Oxygen validation scenarios for respective file types.

  You can specify a validation scenario name to be referenced from either a scenarios file or a project file.

  Batch Convert OpenAPI Documents to DITA – The Batch Converter script now includes the option to convert multiple documents from OpenAPI to DITA.

  Oxygen XML Scripting provides access to a variety of functions that can be automatically scheduled or triggered using a command-line tool on Windows, Linux, or macOS.

  Oxygen XML Scripting Features

  Automate XML Processing – Save time and effort by automating repetitive functions using the command line.

  Continuous Integration – Increase productivity by incorporating functions in continuous integration/delivery pipelines.

  Reuse Functions – Reduce errors and improve efficiency by reusing complex scripts.

  Functions – The supported functions include:

  Validate DITA maps or DITA OT project files.

  Run transformation scenarios.

  Build a translation package for DITA files.

  Batch convert between various file formats.

  Compile a framework customization script.

  Generate documentation for XSLT stylesheets.

  Generate documentation for XML schemas.

  Generate multiple XML documents from an XML schema.

  Flatten an XML Schema with multiple includes into one schema file.


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