Textaloud cracking (text) converted to mp3 format


Textaloud cracking (text) converted to mp3 format

TextAloud. With this program, you can easily convert text to sound files in MP3 format. This project has a lot to do with people who develop language skills. You can easily extract your ideas from the Internet or your favorite books, and then use it once and for all to enhance your listening. Because the audio format of MP3 program is available in all audio players such as computers, mobile phones, iPads, music players, etc.

Sometimes you don’t have a chance to read. You can easily convert long text into sound files and hear other things, such as driving, walking in the street and… The environment is very simple, and you can make different text files sound good through a few simple steps. Interestingly, you can even import pdf and input files and download audio output. Textaloud cracking If the pdf files have the correct quality, they will not be scanned and have good blood, so the program can convert all the contents of a book into a high-quality file in a few minutes. In addition to mp3 format, you can also use wav and wma. Select the mp3 format for various audio files, but this is recommended.

Textaloud cracking options and functions:

Convert documents, PDFs, and HTML to audio files

Textaloud cracking support engine converts text into sound, including international sound

Support the storage of audio files in various wav, mp3 and WMA formats

The plague of Internet Explorer listening to web pages

The quality and speed of textaloud when cracking text into sound

Work easily with a simple graphical environment


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