One Commander cracked version, Commander file manager


One Commander cracked version, Commander file manager

  One Commander cracked version aims to design a file manager related to user experience. The program tries to create the style of window 10 at the top of the tree, and creates it twice for the file manager program. Of course, it needs 10 to run Windows. Basic options include converting, copying, cutting, renaming files, building new files or folders, and more advanced features such as file preview, file creation, cloud, and memory management. On the other hand, the properties of each file can be easily accessed in One Commander. The technical details of the One Commander cracked version file can be viewed together with other public information as the image file resolution, and can also be used to create a history by volume, time or file.

  However, due to the special functions of the software, it is a double tree view. It is easier to see the current location of the file or transfer it to other branches of the tree. In addition to the tree view, the second view also contains the treasure tool, so you can see two waterfalls at the same time. The program also supports the Tab function, allowing you to open several waterfalls when you have a fever. Another interesting feature of this program is Drop List, which allows you to add several items to the list, then move them all together and click a new location.

  Options and functions of One Commander cracked version:

  Copy, cut, rename, create new files and folders

  Support tab function, and open and move between different filters

  One Commander cracked version supports cloud space and side storage

  The drop-down list function can move files to other locations

  Taskmaster function of One Commander cracked version for operation execution

  Organizational tree view and better catalog view.


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