Text Control DS Servers cracked version


Text Control DS Servers cracked version

The text control DS server can help you integrate professional document editing and processing into any web application. Provides users with a Microsoft Word compatible document editor and lightweight document viewer. Merge data into a Word template, and use the powerful document back-end API to programmatically create Adobe PDF documents.

Signature field – insert a signature field compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader and digitally sign the fields separately.

A native SignatureField object compatible with online Document Viewer is introduced, which can also be used to digitally sign documents when exporting to Adobe PDF.

The online document editor provides a fully customizable context menu. The context menu content can be accessed through a new contextMenuOpening event, which allows you to change items before rendering the menu.

Visual signatures, such as those obtained through a document viewer, can be applied to each signature field and can be associated with a digital certificate.

  Form Fields Dialog Box – ready to use dialog boxes for text form fields, check boxes, drop-down fields, and date picker form fields.

  A set of ready-made dialog boxes has been added to define the default form field settings for all supported fields.

  This dialog box allows you to specify not only the name and ID of the field, but also the default size and content.

  Customizable context menu – Customize the context menu of the document editor.

  Context menu items can be added, deleted, and modified. The Location property provides information about the menu context and notifies whether the input location is a text selection or on a table, image, or heading.



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