FastReport .NET 2022破解版功能


FastReport .NET 2022破解版功能

  Adds new Report Validator for checking report template errors.

  Skia support – Now supports graphics and text rendering using the SkiaSharp library.

  Report Validator – A ‘Validation’ tab has been added to the report designer. Here you can check the report template for errors and warnings.

  FRX Editor – Edit the contents of FRX files directly in the report designer.

  Stimulsoft report converter – Added the ability to convert report templates from Stimulsoft to FastReport .NET templates.

  Copying dialog pages – Added the ability to copy dialog pages. Both using the context menu of the dialog page and using the ‘Copy Report Page’ button.

  Disable last formatting settings – When creating an object in the designer, its settings will be automatically applied when you create another object of the same type. In situations when you don’t need this behavior you can easily disable it.

  Export all tabs – When viewing interactive reports, you can open detailed reports in new tabs. Now you can export all tabs to one file using the new ‘Export all tabs’ option.

  Detailed description of referenced assemblies and installed plugins – Now when you hover your mouse over a DLL in the plugins list and in the list of links to builds, detailed information including description, version, size and creation date is displayed.

  PDF export improvements

  Linux version:

  Support for complex languages (Arabic, Hebrew etc.) in Skia version;

  All versions:

  Support for Font Fallback (automatic font selection mechanism for displaying characters that are not supported by the current font);

  UseFileStream property in PDF export – A new ‘UseFileStream’ option has been added for PDF exporting. This option is useful when exporting reports with a large number of pages (several tens of thousands) in multiple threads. It allows you to avoid memory shortage errors.

  Export of locale in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Rich Text, OpenOffice Write and OpenOffice Calc exports – You can now select the language of the document when exporting. By default the language selected in the designer is used. Also added ‘Show Gridlines’ option when exporting to Microsoft Excel 2007.


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