What is TMS FlexCel Studio for .NET?


  What is TMS FlexCel Studio for .NET?

  TMS Flexcel Studio for .NET is a component that allows developers to produce applications with Excel file manipulation and some other operations. To put it differently, the library is a standalone bundle permit you to browse, create and alter XLS and XLSX documents without the necessity of getting Microsoft Excel installed on your PC.

  What makes the library stick out from the audience is that you have to set up one DLL on your program from the huge majority of instances, as everything is already there. Consequently, you don’t need to devote time, resources, and energy to configure third-party application alternatives. In reality, the code has been optimized to provide optimum functionality, which translates to quicker program development.

  The crux of the part is your FlexCel API that simplifies how you edit documents through the .NET code. For this reason, you can add, copy and transfer collections, copy sheets from 1 workbook into another, format cells, add smart page breaks, and add HTML formatted strings within cells, formulation recalculations, edit and read automobile shapes, add remarks, so on, etc.

  Last but not least significant, the API includes a reporting engine that allows you to design your own logs straight with Excel with minimal code. Does this speed things up on your own side, but it could also make record editing using Excel simpler for your users.

  TMS FlexCel Studio for .NET 100% managed code Excel file manipulation motor & Excel & PDF report generation for .NET, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac.


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