TickTick Premium Crack


TickTick Premium Crack

  TickTick is a comprehensive task management and diary application. Allows users to record their ideas and improve productivity in the operation plan they need to perform. Use the to-do list to free up mental space and allow users to plan their days, activities and free time.

  The application allows users to track events of the day in personalized mode. Provide a variety of flexible journal types: daily, weekly and monthly. To-do lists are always available and synchronized on any device. According to the urgency of the task, the software has four priorities. Users can create one-time or repeated reminders for each action in the list. The Habit Tracker feature allows users to track their habits and create goals to improve performance.

  Sharing allows users to create shared lists for family, friends or colleagues. The application can be integrated with the calendar application of smart phones to track work progress. Please note that I have introduced the Android version to you, and now you have the version of Windows system in front of you, which is very convenient.

  Size: 19 MB

  Operating system: Windows 7+


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