Xceed Zip for .NET支持多线程


  Xceed Zip for .NET支持多线程

  Now, when compressed to the split. zip file, multithreading is supported.

  If the file cannot be found, you can now force the compression process to stream the. zip file.

  You can now create a self extracting. zip file when using the Microsoft.NET standard version of the component on Microsoft Windows.

  A new utility class called BZip2File has been added, which allows you to easily create and manipulate BZip2 files using Xceed. File system interface.

  FileSystemEvents。 The AddingItemToProcess event will now remember the changes made to the userData parameter.

  Later in Microsoft NET 5 will no longer display warnings when compiling and using NuGet packages.

  DiskFile and DiskFolder:

  Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) date/time is now supported.

  Xceed Zip for.NET is a. NET and ASP NET data compression and general file operation class library. It provides flexible zip, decompression, streaming data compression and innovative extensible file system object model, making zip files as easy to use as regular files or folders.

  be used for. Xceed Zip for NET function

  WinZip 12 compatibility is provided, LZMA algorithm is supported, and compression can be improved in some cases. Note: Zip files using WinZip 12’s special JPEG recompression feature are not supported.

  Enhance the ability to handle a large number of files.

  UTF-8 character encoding in headers improves support for special and international characters in file names and comments.

  Create a new zip file or update an existing zip file on disk, memory, or FTP site.

  Support Zip64 zip file format, eliminate 4GB barriers and 16384 file restrictions.

  Compress or decompress between disks, FTP sites, memory, or independent storage. When one or more files are extracted from a Zip file located on an FTP site, Xceed Zip for NET will download only the necessary zip file parts needed to decompress the file, which greatly improves speed and reduces bandwidth usage.

  Read, write, and update zip files that are divided into multiple parts.

  Read, write, and update zip files across multiple disks.

  Deflate64 compression method is supported to improve compression.

  Support BZip2 and BWT compression methods to improve compression when speed is not important.

  Support PPMd compression method to generate as much compressed output as possible, especially text and XML files.

  Easy to use, stable security is achieved through industry standard AES encryption, compatible with WinZip 9 and higher, and encryption strength is 128, 192 and 256 bits. The developer can select the AES encryption algorithm used by the component.

  Lists the contents of the zip file with the full file specification. If the Zip file is located on the FTP site, Xceed Zip for NET will only download the central directory part of the remote zip file, which greatly improves speed and reduces bandwidth usage.


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